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25-Dec-2017 21:25

But over the past few years, as TV has enjoyed a golden era the likes of which it's never seen before, many of its previous boundaries have fallen away as well (these two developments are probably not mutually exclusive).

We've come a long way from Dennis Franz's bare ass on making headlines—now season premieres feature a bare ass on the receiving end of some trendy foreplay, fam.

These are some of the best sex scenes to grace the tube in recent years.

Emma Alberici is joined by former Lateline hosts Kerry O'Brien, Maxine Mc Kew and Leigh Sales as they reflect on Lateline's vast history, including some of their most memorable stories and interviews, and the future of journalism.

That perception is not totally off base — this is, after all, a show that inspires online rankings of its sex scenes, a show whose stars appear on magazine covers naked and entwined, a show that forms the backbone of a giggle-worthy Starz promo scored to “Let’s Get It On” that essentially promises, “Yes, you can use our app to watch attractive people bone.” To be sure, it’s a show that frequently delivers the sort of panting sex scenes viewers are willing to pay premium-cable prices for.

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The team examines how the alpha male “kings” exert their power over other males and seduce females in their territory.It's a markedly less prude world we're living in these days, and the gods behind your favorite series have been quick to respond.Suddenly, watching TV with the family is now a cause for a lot more uncomfortably awkward moments.Episodes depict how animals woo the opposite sex, mate, and raise their young in extreme environments.

The series highlights conservation and preservation efforts to protect endangered species, and explores growing attempts to safely control increasing populations of particular species, such as Botswana’s elephants.

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