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07-Aug-2017 19:09

“I hope Jen is ok.” Evil said as they headed for the deck of the ship.* * * Lexa Doig lay on the bed, clad in half of a black bikini and being fondled by a similarly clad Gwen Stefani who had just slipped her top off and was sucking on her nipples.

“Yes, I’ve got everything.” Sheridan said as they went out to her SUV and tossed in a couple of bags. ” Sheridan asked as she arranged the bags to get more space. “Do I need to remind you of what we did to Hayden Jensen’s house? Just a couple minutes ago she’d seen Jessica Alba writhing around on a lawn chair while some skinny black guy had his head between her legs.Codes: MF, FF, Ff, MDom, FDom, MC, inc, and I think there maybe a few others if I didn’t catch them my apologies. There they were, prancing about in next-to-nothing, many already making out, clearly ready for a week of nothing but sex, sex, and more sex. “Well this was more Evil’s idea than mine, but I’ll take the thanks anyway,” TRL smiled, slipping his hands down Eva’s back and into her bikini bottoms. * * * Kojain waited quietly at the south end of the ship, looking out at the endless water before him.

Lemon se prisjeća kako je bila ostavljena ispred oltara te odlučuje uzeti stvari u svoje ruke. Eva i Horvat spašavaju se bijegom u šumi, pod okrilje i zaštitu Vinka Benčine.… continue reading »

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