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To the defense, the case is a legal lynching, a politically motivated trial of the wrong men, based on nonexistent evidence.But the display of the boxes was a theatrical reminder of one thing both sides agree on: Whatever happens, the consequences of the Sepur Zarco trial go far beyond the fate of the two men in the dock. The Land and the Base According to the prosecution, the story begins with a fight over land. 8, Juan Carlos Pelaez Villalobos, an expert on land conflicts, testified that for generations, rich plantation owners in the Polochich Valley took lands from the Q’eqchi Maya by fraud and force.Nurses gave them shots of contraceptives, and while on the base, the women were also made to prepare soldiers’ food and wash their clothing.They said the soldiers knew their husbands had been taken and the women were defenseless. Coverage of the trial has largely focused on allegations of sexual slavery.Rosa Tiul, one of several Q’eqchi women who testified by videotape, said that after soldiers would return from patrols in search of families who had fled to the mountains, they would go to her house and rape her at gunpoint.“They knew which of us were alone,” she said — her husband, disappeared by the soldiers, was later dug up at Finca Tinajas.

According to the prosecution, in August 1982, Guatemalan soldiers responded to a Maya land-rights campaign by raiding valley communities and taking many men — including the husbands of six of the women in the courtroom — to Finca Tinajas, never to be seen again.

A former lieutenant in the Guatemalan army, Reyes Giron is accused of leading what the prosecution has described as a strategic effort to crush peasant resistance.