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13-Dec-2017 17:52

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You may want to wait until you know your date well enough to know how she feels about using coupons to buy gifts and save money on dates.

But if saving hacks are something that you can both get behind, sites like Groupon and Ebates are the perfect way to save money on nice dates and gifts for an anniversary, a birthday, or even Valentine’s Day.

Then I asked what type of food she liked: Italian, Thai, whatever. After making sure these requirements were met, I got on Groupon. I took a different woman to a Thai restaurant where I’d never been.

If there was a restaurant that met my checklist and had a deal on the site, I picked it. The opportunity didn’t arrive to discreetly give the waiter my coupon.

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Sometimes I take my girlfriend on a trip and it sure cuts down on the cost.

Though, we will surprise each other with free things (like notes in lunch bags, cleaning out the car, etc.) Reply Way to win points with the wife and show the rest of us up.