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04-Oct-2017 10:30

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Because now you know – if he’s ignoring for his benefit or yours…

Take a quick second the next time a guy ignores you and consider what I’ve told you. So no ignoring me on this post or I’ll be really upset. 😀 Please check out my absolutely free “Why Do Guys…?

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One more reason comes to mind and this is where your friend, boyfriend, or some guy you’re dating always seems to ignore you ONLY when he’s with other people.

He doesn’t want to hurt your feelings or he’s not good with confrontation.

This usually happens when a woman gets too aggressive, needy, or pushes a guy into a corner.

We can call him “Mister NDD or – Nice and Differently Disabled. (Assuming you DO know I teach guys how to attract women…and not how to ignore you to play hard to get.) First I must explain it was mostly because I saw how many “other” guys were up your ass all the time trying to “get in your pants” and the I refused to be anything like them. Unless you really catch my eye or you’re a blast to be around I won’t make of an effort to spark up a conversation.

So why they are “playing tag” with you I was dreaming you would eventually come to me. Actually I will still do that but my reasons are completely different. Of course that does not include waitresses, cashiers, or any friendly public “service” worker who does her job quite well.They somehow believe she is doing something, anything, pondering or even fantasizing about him because they either caught each other’s eyes or talked once.